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The Top Vinyl Siding Installation Team in Fairfax

vinyl-sidingIf you own an older home and have been thinking that you’d like to redo the exterior but have shied away because of the potential high costs, a new layer of vinyl siding installed by the service team from MAC may be just what you’ve been waiting for. Vinyl siding offers homeowners the chance to redo the exterior of their homes without having to break the bank.

We at MAC know what new siding can do for a home. We’ve been installing and replacing siding in Fairfax, VA for over ten years, and our team has become quite adept at getting these jobs done quickly and effectively so that you can enjoy your new home exterior that much sooner, without having to worry about the repairs that a poor install job may necessitate. We use only the best vinyl siding products from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, so you can rest assured that the products going into your Fairfax siding job have been tested and certified to the highest of standards.

Why is Vinyl So Popular?

It seems that vinyl siding is being used everywhere these days on all types of jobs. Many often ask why vinyl is such a popular siding material. The answer lies in the benefits that it provides over traditional wood cladding:

  • Composition: Vinyl siding is made from durable polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This makes it impervious to the same decay and insect damage that traditional wood products have.
  • Cost: It’s recommended that you repaint your home’s exterior every seven years. Those costs can add up over time. Vinyl siding is not only an inexpensive material to buy, but it saves you from having to worry about the costs of hiring a professional painter to come repaint the siding on your home.
  • Design: Vinyl siding is made to mimic the appearance of real wood, so it’s great for older home’s looking to update their old wooden cladding with durable new materials that resemble the previous appearance.
  • Low maintenance: Vinyl siding is virtually maintenance free as it doesn’t require constant resealing or re-caulking. To clean the siding, one can simply spray it down with a garden hose.

Trust the team at MAC to rejuvenate your pride in your home with new vinyl siding. Our experience with siding in Fairfax has uniquely prepared us for any type of job you have to throw at us. And since our company was founded with a sales background, we know how to help you choose the best style of siding for your home.

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