Mastic Vinyl Siding : Using Quality Mastic Products on Our Fairfax Siding Jobs

asdasdVinyl is by far the most popular siding material in use today, and for a good reason; it’s inexpensive, and durable. Because it’s in such high demand, there are many different manufacturers that offer vinyl siding. The secret to avoiding the costs that come with frequent repair and replacement is choosing the right material the first time.

At MAC, only the best siding from the most trusted manufacturers goes into installations. As former salesman, we’ve come recognize which brands actually deliver on the promise of quality siding, and which are, quite frankly, pretenders. Our experience has led us to recognize Mastic Home Exteriors as one of the premier names when it comes to exceptional siding products. We promise the best service in siding in Fairfax, VA, and Mastic vinyl products definitely help us deliver on that promise.

Why Choose Mastic Vinyl Siding?

We choose to endorse Mastic products only because we know that they offer some of the best benefits when it comes to vinyl. Among them are:
Durability: Unlike conventional wood siding that decays over time, Mastic vinyl siding is composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), allowing it to stand up to anything the weather has to throw at it, including rain, wind, and snow.

  • Low maintenance: The general rule of thumb is to repaint your home’s exterior every seven years. Imagine how much those costs can add up over time. Mastic vinyl is virtually maintenance-free, meaning that there’s no need to worry about repainting or touching it up down the road.
  • Energy efficiency: Mastic vinyl is installed properly by our team at MAC, so you can make your home more energy efficient to lower your utility costs.
  • Cost effectiveness: Vinyl siding from Mastic comes at an affordable price, and due to its low maintenance, helps you avoid the need for future repairs, allowing you to save that money for other projects.
  • Style: Mastic offers levels of customization with their siding that are unheard of with most other manufacturers. By offering a wide array of colors and styles, Mastic siding allows one to completely transform the look of their home.

Our team at MAC has over ten years of experience installing siding in Fairfax. Allowing us to put that experience to work for you helps you in beatifying your home while also adding to it an extra layer of protection against the elements.

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We at MAC promise to provide the best roofing, gutter, window, and siding services within Virginia and Maryland in areas such as Fairfax, Ashburn, Leesburg, Woodbridge, Silver Spring, and Columbia. Visit our Contact Us page or give us a call today at (703) 404-9777 or (301) 563-9191 to learn more about outfitting your home with Mastic vinyl siding.