Cedar Shake Roofing : The Best Cedar Shake Roofing in Fairfax

People in this area are proud of the early American influence that can still be seen today in the design and architecture of many of the area’s homes and buildings. Because of that pride, they often want to do what they can to preserve the look and feel by repairing or restoring their homes to reflect that colonial look.

We at MAC are fully onboard with those design wishes, and as such, offer the best cedar shake roofing in Fairfax, VA. The difficulty that most encounter when trying to achieve that colonial look with their homes is the often inordinate costs that come with using authentic materials. Yet by simply outfitting your home’s roof with cedar shakes, you can achieve that early American look more easily. We at MAC are happy to provide this service for you, and at a reasonable cost.

The Benefits of Cedar Shakes

There’s a good reason why cedar shakes are in such high demand. They offer a number of benefits that you can enjoy by choosing to use them in your next Fairfax roofing job. Those include:

  • Aesthetics: As time passes, cedar wood will age beautifully, providing a rich, earthy glow to your home’s exterior. This can ultimately increase the curbside appeal of your home and drive up its resale value.
  • Energy efficiency: Wood is a terrific insulator. Cedar shakes help keep energy from escaping from your home through the roof, thus lowering your overall energy costs.

Unlike other contractors offering roofing in Fairfax, we at MAC combine exceptional service with our roofing skills when you choose us to install or perform cedar slate roof repair in Fairfax. We’re fair and honest in our assessments, are certified to the highest standards at identifying and addressing roofing issues, and make ourselves available to help you outside of regular business hours. We want your experience with us to be just that: an experience, not just another job.

We’re Waiting to Help You

We provide the best cedar shake roofing service, along with gutter, window, and siding services within Virginia and Maryland such as Fairfax, Ashburn, Leesburg, Woodbridge, Silver Spring, and Columbia. Visit our Contact Us page or give us a call at (703) 661-9737 or (301) 363-7733 to see how we can help your home look more colonial with a cedar shake roof.