What Makes Metal Roofing a Highly Durable Woodbridge Roofing Material?

Of all the commercially available roofing materials out there, only metal matches the popularity of asphalt shingles in North America. Asphalt shingle roofing is primarily popular due to its low overall cost, yet has a notoriously short life span. Metal roofing, however, is the exact opposite in terms of durability, and is rather affordable to boot. An article for HowStuffWorks.com points out the key features of steel, which is used to manufacture metal roof shingles, seams, and panels.

“Steel is the most common metal roofing material. It’s sturdy, and experts have spent a lot of time determining the best ways to protect it from rust. Manufactures generally use a zinc coating, a sealant and some heavy-duty paint to protect the material from the elements.”

Bare steel roofing will not last in a wet or humid environment like that of Woodbridge, Virginia. With an average of 111 rainy days per year, steel will be consumed by rust very quickly. However, if covered with non-ferrous metal like zinc, steel can last for many decades. In fact, quality steel roofing can perform as excellently as other durable Woodbridge roofing materials if given proper maintenance and care.

“If you’re looking for something lightweight that won’t rust, aluminum could be your metal roofing material of choice. Like stainless steel, though, you’ll need to coat it so that it looks more natural. This is the most popular option for residential metal roofing, so there is some concern about using this finite natural resource for roofing when other materials could be used.”

Aluminum’s anti-corrosive properties stem from its ability to form a thin film on the surface that prevents oxidation, something that iron lacks. While copper is more effective in producing this type of film when exposed to moisture and other climatic elements, aluminum is cheaper and therefore more preferred by homeowners.

Regardless of your chosen roofing material, however, it pays to work with a licensed roofing company that is known to have an excellent track record for service quality. Reputable roofing companies such as Mid Atlantic Construction of Virginia & Maryland offer high-quality installation services and options such as cedar shake and metal roofing in Woodbridge, VA that ensure optimum protection from elements.

(Article Information and Image from How Roofing Materials Work, HowStuffWorks.com)