Protect Your Home from Tornadoes with Help from Leesburg Roofing Pros

The devastation that Hurricane Sandy brought on the lives and properties that came in its path brought awareness to disaster preparedness and what may be done when disaster strikes. While hurricanes may not happen as much in Leesburg, VA, as in other parts of the country, this northern Virginia town does see more than the national average number of tornadoes in a year.

Protect Your Home from Tornadoes with Help from Leesburg Roofing Pros
Preparing your home for tornadoes may be similar in many ways to preparing a home for a hurricane. After all, both storm systems are characterized by very strong winds; and a tornado can, in fact, result from a hurricane. However, while hurricanes have a wider radius and last longer, the force that some tornadoes bring can be so much greater than a hurricane’s, and can result in widespread devastation in just a matter of seconds.

How then can you prepare your home for a tornado? Some experts say that there can’t be a tornado-proof home, and homeowners’ best options are to build a safe room or evacuate. However, certain precautions can be done to better secure homes from tornadoes, particularly the roofing in Leesburg, VA homes.

The website offers this suggestion:

“You can strengthen the fastening of your roof sheathing and attachment of your roof structure when you re-roof, develop a continuous load path that anchors your roof structure through your walls and to the foundations when you re-side, or improve the anchorage of porches and carports by improving the connection of the roof to the columns and the columns to the foundations.”

These measures will be most helpful to residents who may be replacing their roofs, or are currently building a new home. However, as the article says, reinforcing the connections of your roof to your home’s walls with the use of the right fasteners and straps can help secure your roof when a tornado strikes. Consulting with reputable Leesburg roofing professionals, like those at MAC (Mid Atlantic Construction of Virginia & Maryland) will help you learn more about protecting your property from the fury of a tornado.

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