Proper Inspection and Roof Repair for Fairfax Homes after a Hurricane

As a Mid-Atlantic state, Virginia is frequented by several hurricanes per year. Regardless of the strength of these hurricanes, the damage they can do to a home is something that can’t be ignored. Thus, Fairfax residents can benefit from knowing the basic procedure for inspecting their home after a hurricane to prevent imminent roof leaks.

Roof repair inspection

“Start at the roof and work your way down. If the roof is steep and high, use binoculars to inspect it. If it’s shallow and you’re comfortable on a roof, get up there and have a peek. Look carefully at valleys where roof planes intersect. Check anything that comes up through the roof, such as vent stacks. Look at the chimney top and flashing. 

In all these places, look for anything loose or missing. If you do see that some pieces blew away, roofing cement and other materials can provide a temporary repair to seal out water. But you’ll need a permanent repair for loose or missing shingles before winter comes. “

The damage a roof system might sustain after a hurricane depends on two factors—its material makeup and the wind’s strength. A standing seam metal roof panel, for instance, might bow up or fold out, while asphalt shingles might be blown off completely under extreme wind force. Note that such problems will expose a home’s interior, and if they are not fixed by Fairfax roof repair experts right away, a single rain event can flood and cause water damage to the property.

If possible, homeowners can inspect their gutter system for damage after a hurricane. A damaged gutter system is likely to give water access into the home. Any debris blocking the passage of water to the downspout may cause backup issues.

Problems like roof leaks and backed up gutters can be caused by a powerful hurricane. Severe issues like these should be handled by a reliable Fairfax VA roof repair company like MAC (Mid Atlantic Construction of Virginia & Maryland). These professionals can do the job quickly and effectively.

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