Preventing or Removing Ice Dam Buildup in Your Gutters in Fairfax, VA

Gutters play a major role in protecting a Fairfax home from water damage by diverting the water flow on the roof down to the catch basin and straight to the main drainage system. However, during winter, the snow collected in the gutters may harden and form ice dams that prevent melted snow from flowing freely, which might cause water to back up into the house and leave ugly stains on the ceiling. Aryeh Raphael’s article for provides tips on how a homeowner can deal with ice dams safely and effectively.

Ice Dam

“Break off smaller portions of the ice dam with a chisel and a hammer. Make sure to chip only really small parts of ice. Breaking odd large portions can easily damage your gutters or roofing. Be patient and work slowly, one section at the time.”

Dealing with ice dams during the winter season though should be done with utmost caution. The harsh weather conditions may make the roof surface and ladder too slippery for individuals to step on. For their absolute safety, homeowners can instead turn to professionals to handle their issues with ice dams.

With the hazards that winter brings, experts recommend getting ahead of the ice dam formation or better yet preparing the entire gutter system in summer. While raking excess snow may prevent ice dam formation in sturdy Fairfax gutters, installing a gutter guard may help prevent ice dam-related damage. Another good option is to have seamless gutters installed by reliable gutter specialists.

During the winter season, ice dams can turn out to be a gutter system’s worst enemy. When homeowners notice an obvious sign of ice dam formation, they should consider calling on the experts like MAC (Mid Atlantic Construction of Virginia & Maryland ) right away. These professionals will also help make sure the gutters in Fairfax, VA homes remain in good condition throughout the rest of the winter season.

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