Lower Energy Bills and Increase Your Home’s Value with Energy-Efficient Windows

Gone are the days when interest in windows was limited to aesthetics. You can minimize energy bills by choosing energy-efficient windows. This should be of particular concern for Virginia and Maryland residents since the weather is prone to changing frequently in those states. The key here is to know the kinds that will give the biggest bang for your buck without exceeding your budget.

energy efficiency of existing windows image

Frame material and window type are a couple of considerations when having a window replacement. Here are more factors you need to study before choosing windows for your home:

Before selecting new windows, determine what types of windows will work best and where to improve your home’s energy efficiency. It’s a good idea to understand the energyperformance ratings of windows so you’ll know what energy performance ratings you need for your windows based on your climate and the home’s design.

Window installation varies on the type of window (wood, metal, etc), the construction of the house, the exterior cladding (wood siding, stucco, etc.), and the type of weather-restrictive barrier.

Even the most energy-efficient window must be properly installed. Therefore, it’s best to have a professional install your windows.

If your home has old windows that still only have a single pane, it’s more cost-effective to have replacement windows in Fairfax than to repair them. New double or triple-pane windows can give you a significant ROI through lower heating and cooling costs in during frigid winters and scorching summers.

When deciding on where to place your new windows in Fairfax VA, the rule of thumb is to have more on the south side of your house and less on the north because of the sun’s movement throughout the day. If you just bought a new home, you should consult trusted contractors like Mid Atlantic Construction to ensure that the installation proceeds smoothly. New windows are long-term investments that can be quite complex to set up so you shouldn’t just hire a random handyman to do the job for you – in the long run, you might end up paying more due to poor workmanship.

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