Ice Dams and More: How Ashburn Roof Repair Experts Can Help in Winter

A reader asks the housing inspection experts at about winter roofing problems other than ice dams. In response, the experts give off a number of concerns, all of which will need expert roof repair in Ashburn, VA, or anywhere else in the country. Some of these roofing problems are listed below.

Winter Ice Dams

Heavy Snow Accumulation

Heavy accumulation of snow can trap rainwater, which can then lead to structural damages and even a roof collapse, particularly in cases of aged roofs, or roofs which have not been properly installed.

Serious Injuries from Falls

This could happen when amateur homeowners without adequate safety training and equipment attempt to clear their roofs of ice and snow.


Shingles can easily crack or break when stepped on during cold weather, and the damaged shingles could then let water in and cause leaks. Leaks can also take place around damaged skylights, or those that were not properly installed; as well as on damaged or rotting parts of the roof. Leaks may also materialize in places with worn-out flashing, including those around chimneys.

Moisture Build-up

Ice dams can leak into walls and cause moisture build-up around the home, which in turn, can lead to the growth of harmful organisms like mold and mildew. Likewise, when ice dams trap rain water and melting snow on the roof, the water can find its way between cracked or worn-out shingles and the roof sheathing, and result in leaks.

Addressing these conditions in the middle of winter can only be effective if done by Ashburn roof repair experts such as MAC (Mid Atlantic Construction of Virginia & Maryland ). Untrained amateurs, and even professional roofers who do not have the right training and experience for cold weather work, may only leave unsatisfactory or short-lived results.

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