How a Proper Installation of Silver Spring Roofing System Is Done

In a Traditional Roofing Magazine article, Joseph Jenkins writes about the mistakes that some roofers make when installing new slate roofs. Such mistakes, Jenkins writes, are hurting the long-term prospects of the American slate roofing industry. Jenkins adds that there are some common mistakes usually made when installing new slate roofs.

Roof installation

The first mistake he lists is lack of information about the project. Both contractors and homeowners may have blindly started a job without doing any prior research about proper installation techniques, supplies, and tools. Thus, when homeowners wish to have a slate roof installed, they should rely on Silver Spring roofing companies with vast experience and knowledge with new slate roof installation.

Other slate roof mistakes that usually occur are deficient or flawed contract documents, lack of headlap, bad flashing work, and poor sheathing materials. Malpractices can also occur in a slate roof installation project. Such ill practices include roofers who are installing the new roof may be consistently walking on the slate or the amount of emphasis on the underlayment may have been too high.

When considering to have a slate roof installed, homeowners should remember to hire a roofer with experience working with slate, like those roofers at MAC (Mid Atlantic Construction of Virginia & Maryland). Homeowners should also keep in mind that not all slate roofing materials are the same. Roofers can help these people determine which type of slate will best match their home’s style and design by taking into account the slate’s pattern, size, and color as well.

A new roof is an investment homeowners work hard to afford. Thus, these individuals can benefit from choosing a material that can serve them for many years to come. However, a new slate roof installation should be handled by experienced Silver Spring roofers to ensure no mistakes are made and homeowners get their money’s worth.

(Source: Traditional Roofing Magazine, Spring 2005)