Avoiding Winter Worries: Year-round Care for Roofing in Fairfax, VA

Winter in Fairfax, VA is the time of year when the lack of attention to home improvements can take its heaviest toll, especially on the roof. Excessive snow and winter storms can severely affect roofs that have not seen the right kind of maintenance, and lead to serious problems for the homeowners. To avoid these problems, Linda A. Thompson-Ditch writes in CJOnline.com that proper home improvements should be done throughout the year, including improvements and maintenance of Fairfax, VA roofing.

Roof Care

During winter, when you have to stay indoors most of the time, you can check on the roof’s condition by observing your ceiling and attic, and watching out for signs of water damage. These signs include dark spots and stains on the ceiling and on attic walls. Likewise, check for icicles on your roof, as these are usually signs of the formation of ice dams which could trap water on the roof and lead to leaks and moisture problems.


Ms. Thompson-Ditch offers this suggestion on spring home maintenance:

“With notepad and pencil in hand (or a camera), walk around the perimeter of your home to look for problems. Keep an eye out for missing roof shingles, clogged gutters and downspouts, rotted siding and windows, and proper water drainage away from the house.”


Autumn is the best time to clear your gutters of leaves and other debris. It is also important to make sure your gutter is in good condition, and is free from rusting and leaks.   A clogged and/or defective gutter can lead to ice dam formation when the snowing starts.

When you notice signs of problems in your roof, regardless of the season, it is best to call on Fairfax roofing experts, such as those at MAC (Mid Atlantic Construction of Virginia & Maryland), to do the right repairs. Likewise, good roofing maintenance should include at least twice-a-year inspections by the professionals for early detection and repair of roofing problems, before any of them could get worse.

(Article Information and Image from Home improvement: A maintenance calendar for all seasons, CJOnline.com, January 24, 2014)