A Smart Way to Choose the Ideal Types of Home Windows in Fairfax, VA

Not all window types will match an individual’s home architecture, budget, and desired comfort. For this reason, he or she has to invest time in planning an upcoming window replacement project; otherwise, this person might end up ruining the aesthetics or reducing the efficiency of the home. Don Vandervort’s article for HomeTips.com provides in-depth ideas on how to choose the right windows for a home. He suggests:

Types of Windows

“When selecting window styles, consider your home’s architectural style, how the window must perform, and your budget. Pay particular attention to how the window must perform in terms of security, ventilation, and ease of maintenance.

Broadly speaking, windows are either fixed or operable. Fixed windows are used mostly as architectural accents or where light and views—but not ventilation—are important. They include round-top windows and others that are geometrically or unusually shaped, as well as large picture windows. Seamless bent-glass windows are fairly new and offer unobstructed views at the corner of a house.”

The energy-efficient features of a window, such as double-glazed panes with Low-E coating, should be taken into account. This is especially true for those who live in Fairfax, VA where the temperature swings toward either extremes. Other factors like child safety and burglary protection should also be considerations.

While there’s no particular window type that is designed to prevent intrusion, installing a keyed latch to reinforce the locking features of windows in Fairfax, VA homes may be helpful. Each type of room in a house requires a different type of window. The bathroom and kitchen, for instance, function and look best with awning windows as these windows can be installed at any height and opened without having to worry about permeation.

Today’s windows come in different types. Factors like energy efficiency, child safety, and others can serve as bases when selecting new windows. However, any daunting Fairfax, VA window repair and installation should be left to the professionals like the ones from MAC (Mid Atlantic Construction of Virginia & Maryland).

(Source: Types of Windows, HomeTips.com)