A Look into the Benefits of Metal Roofing for Columbia, MD Houses

There are several common misconceptions about metal roofs. However, roofers who work with metal know that most of these, if not all, are false and know the truth to every one of them. One of the common misconceptions about metal roofs is that they are expensive.

Metal Roofing

While it is true that they are more costly than other popular roofing materials like asphalt shingles, metal roofing in Columbia, MD offers more durability that other materials can’t match, so it’s money well-spent. In fact, according to Cathy J. Flamholtz of Mother Earth News, metal roofs may be the one type of roof that can stand up against anything that Mother Nature throws at them.

“Metal roofs are durable (Monticello—Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia home—still wears its original “tin” roof . . . and it’s in fine shape to this day). And in areas that receive heavy snowfalls, such lids—with their slick, low-friction surfaces—shed the white stuff so quickly that it rarely has a chance to build up to weighty depths.

Most roofing metals are also tough enough to resist damage from hail and falling tree limbs. Moreover, since metal doesn’t burn, it’s especially appropriate for houses with stovepipes and chimneys . . . a comforting thought when you live far from the nearest fire station.”

Perhaps one downside to metal roofs is that they are noisy when it rains. However, such a disadvantage has been blown out of proportion. In addition, expert roofers like the ones from MAC (Mid Atlantic Construction of Virginia & Maryland) know how to install a metal roof that makes minimal noise when it rains; these professionals place the metal over a wooden roof deck.

When compared to other roof types, metal roofs seem to score high in the durability department. However, no metal roof is impervious to damage brought on by weather extremes and others. Thus, when a metal roof is in need of roof repair in Columbia, MD and other areas, homeowners should depend on professional roofers.

(Source: Metal Roofing Pros and Cons, Motherearthnews.com, March 1984)