A Glimpse at the Beneficial Qualities of Vinyl Siding from Fairfax

The protection against the elements that a home has through its bare wall structure isn’t sufficient. With today’s fast-changing climate that constantly brings harmful forces of nature, a home’s exterior needs additional protection—siding. Among the many options of siding material that one can choose from, vinyl stands out for various reasons as Mark Feirer’s article for Yahoo.com explains.


“Vinyl is a polymer formed during a chemical do-si-do between ethylene gas and chlorine, which produces a fine white powder called vinyl resin. When it’s melted and mixed with different additives, the resulting compound can be as rigid as pipe, as supple as a shower curtain, or durable enough to survive the heavy foot traffic on a kitchen floor.

New, so-called virgin vinyl siding has a greater complement of the key additives that impart flexibility and resistance to UV degradation. Some manufacturers will tout their product as 100 percent virgin (along with a mention of its supposed superiority), but most siding is made with a core of remelted vinyl top-coated with virgin material.”

Vinyl’s unique composition is the reason behind vinyl siding’s well-known qualities of durability, versatility, and ease of maintenance. Thus, it’s safe to say that with vinyl siding in Fairfax, a home’s exterior has sufficient protection from the elements. This product is likely something that locals in Fairfax, VA, where the weather can often get rough, will appreciate.

Like most siding materials though, vinyl siding installation is best left to the professionals. A small inaccuracy in measuring distances can result in an inefficient or unpleasant looking siding. Therefore, installation should be done by skilled Fairfax, VA siding installers from companies like MAC (Mid Atlantic Construction of Virginia & Maryland).

Homeowners have a slew of siding materials to choose from. However, if these homeowners want the advantages of durability, versatility, and low maintenance, then vinyl siding is the ideal choice. With vinyl siding, a home’s exterior has optimum protection against the elements.

(Source: The benefits of vinyl siding, Yahoo.com)