Tornadoes: One of Many Reasons to Call an Ashburn Roof Repair Expert

For some people in Cleveland, Ohio, the holiday season was a bit overshadowed by a tornado that wreaked havoc in Bolivar County on a December evening. According to the Bolivar Commercial, 115 mph winds uprooted fences, blew away roof shingles, and tore roofs from their foundations; thankfully, no deaths were reported. Weather experts noted that this phenomenon was a result of a series of storms that swept other states like Mississippi in the previous days.

It would not be far-fetched to say that something like this could happen in the state of Virginia, which occasionally suffers from tornadoes despite its location outside of the country’s infamous Tornado Alley. In fact, the Virginia Department of Emergency Management outlines a series of steps and guidelines that help households prepare for possible tornado outbreaks. Once the winds have died down, the Department recommends that repairs be carried out immediately. Contractors that specialize in roof repair in Ashburn—such as those from Mid Atlantic Construction of Virginia & Maryland—typically possess considerable experience in conducting repairs on tornado-damaged roofs.

Roof repairs following a tornado all start with a visual inspection. Normally, roofers need only to look out for missing shingles or roof tiles, as they are the most obvious indicators of damage. However, roofers also watch out for more subtle signs like cracks, granule accumulation, and split seams. It is also likely that other parts of the roof, like the underlayment, may have been damaged.

Missing shingles, in particular, could be a sign of poor installation, especially if this type of damage is observed in a relatively brand-new roof. It is also possible that the roof has exceeded its service life span and should be replaced soon. Regardless of the root cause, such types of damage to roofing require immediate attention to prevent water infiltration and leaks. Of course, a roof that has been completely blown off from its foundations will need to be replaced altogether.

Due to the complex nature of roof repair and replacement, it would be wise to leave such sensitive tasks to the experts. Count on a reputable Ashburn, VA roofing company like Mid Atlantic Construction of Virginia & Maryland for thorough damage assessments and repairs in the event of a tornado outbreak.

(Article Information and Image fromTornado hits county homes, The Bolivar Commercial, December 25, 2013)