The Right Windows in Fairfax, VA Can Reduce Heating Costs This Winter

Winter temperatures in Fairfax, Virginia usually drop to as low as 24 degrees Fahrenheit, especially in January. Such cold temperatures often prompt locals to turn up their heating systems for that much-needed warmth. However, according to the Patriot-Bridge staff, locals who use heating systems that run on natural gas can expect to pay more this winter.

“Though the future seems to be bright, the oil boom won’t be saving anyone from a pain in the wallet just yet.

The state Department of Energy Resources (DOER) is predicting a rise in heating costs this year, especially for natural gas customers. Heating oil customers – while still confronting high prices for that product – will see little to no increase over last year.

Based on colder winter weather predictions and EIA price and consumption projections, DOER is projecting that all Massachusetts residential heating costs will rise this winter, with propane rising the most at about 8 percent and heating oil rising the least at less than 1 percent,” read the department’s annual statewide prediction.”

Those who are not prepared to shoulder the rising costs of natural gas can opt for low-cost wood-fired boilers instead. However, locals do have to bear in mind that regardless of the heating device they use, they still face the risk of high heating costs if they have leaky windows that allow warm air escape and let in cold air from outside. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, windows that are prone to air leakage significantly increase heating bills and are best replaced by energy-efficient windows in Fairfax, VA that help reduce heating costs.

When it comes to replacement windows in Fairfax that retain heat inside homes, wood windows can be a good choice as they have natural insulating properties. A downside to wood windows, though, is that they are prone to moisture and require regular maintenance. A better alternative to wood windows would be unplasticized PolyVinyl Chloride (UPVC) windows, which can keep homes warmer for a longer period, thereby requiring less energy.

At times, high-performing heating systems alone can’t guarantee that heating costs won’t shoot through the roof this winter. Replacing leaky windows with energy-efficient UPVC windows, courtesy of trusted contractors like Mid Atlantic Construction of Virginia & Maryland, can keep heating costs low and at the same time provide some much-desired warmth.


(Article Information and Image from Oil Boom Likely to Lower Heating Bills in Coming Years,, Published 24 December 2013)