Professional Fairfax Roof Repair Services Restore Storm-Battered Homes

The DIY Network provides a handy guide homeowners can refer to during a roof replacement project following a storm. The strong winds kicked up during thunderstorms and other similar weather patterns can cause all sorts of damage, especially when they manage to pick up debris which can collide with objects and property. The article offers the following tips on how to repair damaged roofing:

  • When installing shingles, make sure the nails are embedded securely into the felt and sheathing. Over time, the sun’s heat will cause the roof and shingles to expand, making the nails pop out of place and thus increasing the risk of a leak.
  • Because the roof is sloped, make sure you layer the shingles from bottom to top, overlapping the top set with the bottom. This will ensure your roof is protected from all the weather elements.
  • Rent a nail gun. Most can be rented for about $20 a day. The gun usually comes with a measurement guide that can save a lot of time. The standard width between each row of shingles is 5 inches.

There’s a lot of preparation involved when it comes to repairing a roof. Not all homeowners, however, are well-equipped or skilled enough to accomplish the task. That doesn’t mean, however, that homeowners can simply leave the damage unattended as this could spell disaster for the rest of the home. Fortunately, homeowners can hire reputable contractors to perform roof repair in Fairfax.

While most roofs can hold their own during stormy weather, the real danger comes from windborne debris. Tree branches, garbage, and other heavy objects can hurl themselves onto roofing given sufficient wind speeds, and thereby cause serious damage. If left unrepaired, the damage can turn into leaks and lead to further water damage inside the house.

Repairing a roof isn’t easy, especially since cracks and other signs of damage may not be easy to detect. In any case, it would be wise to carry out the necessary repairs before leaks even manifest. It’s a good thing, then, that homeowners can enlist experienced Fairfax roof repair contractors like Mid Atlantic Construction of Virginia & Maryland for a thorough damage assessment and repairs of affected sections.


(Article Information and Image from How to Repair a Damaged Roof, DIY Network)