Conveniently Covered Gutters in Fairfax, VA Can Prevent Fall Injuries

An article on the Hamilton Observer dated December 26, 2013 discusses the various health and safety hazards folks typically encounter during the winter season. The harsh conditions can drastically affect the environment and people as well, which is why everyone needs to take extra care, especially when out in the snow. The article has a rather peculiar entry regarding the risk of sustaining fall injuries:

“Falling off ladders

Because it’s a time of year people find themselves scurrying up ladders to hang holiday decorations, decorate tress and clean out the gutters, the ER will see its share of cases of people falling off ladders. Dr. Gronczewski said he recently learned that the proper way to go down a ladder involves keeping hands on the outside of the ladder vs. clasping each rung as you descend. That way, should you slip, your hands are free to brace your fall.”

Curiously, the article specifically mentions that people can fall off if they do not exercise due caution when cleaning their gutters. Indeed, the troughs can clog up due to ice dams and leaves, and often require dangerous climbs in order to scrape off the detritus and unclog the drainage. Luckily, homeowners can spare themselves the hazards of falling from great heights by reinforcing gutters in Fairfax, VA with gutter guards.

Gutter guards are basically covers specially built to fit over gutters and block out debris from entering the channels while allowing only water to pass through. These enhancements are extremely useful for reducing the amount of cleaning gutters require, and can help preserve the condition of the troughs. Since there are various types of gutter guards, it pays to choose the kind that best suits your roof.

For proper gutter guard installation, homeowners can rely on a skilled contractor such as Mid Atlantic Construction of Virginia & Maryland. These experts can also scrub and empty the troughs themselves for truly clean Fairfax, VA gutters. Homeowners certainly don’t need to risk life and limb to keep their gutters clean when they can simply call upon a trusted local contractor to install gutter guards.

(Article Information and Image from HEALTH: Take care to stay healthy in winter months, Hamilton Observer, December 26, 2013)