Repairs : Repairing for Your Fairfax Gutters

Gutter Repair2If you notice a constant irritating drip from your Fairfax gutters, or are concerned about water pooling around your foundation, give MAC a call. We provide gutter maintenance, repair and installation services to homeowners in Fairfax and the surrounding areas.

If your gutters aren’t working correctly, your home is susceptible to water damage and permanent structural damage if the problem isn’t fixed right away. Our contractors will quickly assess the problem, determine the necessary tools for repair, and repair your gutters immediately to protect your home and family.

Signs Your Fairfax VA Gutters are in Need of Repair

There are several signals that you can watch for that will let you know when your gutters need repair, and when you should call a professional gutter repair service.

  • If your gutters are rusting in spots (such as the downspout or the trough), it’s only a matter of time before water will be able to move through those spots.
  • If the end pieces, downspouts or corners of your gutters are leaking water, the pieces may be meshed with a low-quality sealant that must be replaced.
  • If it appears that water is overflowing over the edge of your gutters, you may have a clog or back-up in your gutter system.

With regular maintenance and cleaning, your system will function effectively and ensure that your home is protected from expensive damage. Any time you notice something strange about your gutters, you should give MAC a call.

Repairs We Offer

Some gutter repairs may be fairly simple and inexpensive if they are dealt with promptly and efficiently by one of our professional contractors. We commonly perform the following tasks for gutter repair for homeowners:

  • Hole patching – a small hole in your gutters can be repaired with roofing cement. Larger holes may require more intense repair.
  • Leaky joint repair – when the joints of your gutters start to crack over time, we can fix the leak with a simple cleaning and gluing using roofing cement.
  • Adjustments – sagging gutters may need to be adjusted in order to account for previous installation methods that have been outdated. We replace spikes and adjust your gutters to allow water to flow into the downspouts.

Call MAC First

As licensed contractors in five different states, we provide windows, gutters, siding and roofing in Leesburg, Fairfax, Woodbridge, Ashburn, Silver Spring and Columbia. When you notice your gutters are in need of repair or are concerned about how they function, give us a call at (703) 404-9777 or (301) 563-9191 to receive prompt, friendly service to your home.