New Siding: Why Workmanship Matters Just as Much as the Material

Any homeowner would want their home improvement projects to have long-lasting value. The truth is, repairs, renovations, and remodeling projects don’t come cheap, and for you to get as much value for your investment, the results will have to last for many years, if not a lifetime. This is why a smart homeowner would take the time to read up on the best materials to use for a particular project AND make sure the contractor he or she works with is capable of delivering outstanding results.Top 5 Causes of Siding Problems Image

Take, for instance, new siding. Your choice of material will depend on your particular needs and priorities—aesthetics, energy efficiency, durability, maintenance, etc. Say you’ve chosen vinyl. If you know your contractor uses a good brand with solid warranties, what it really boils down to at this point is installation. Good workmanship is one of the best guarantees that your siding will last a long time. If the installation isn’t done right, then the whole thing is compromised:

If vinyl siding is not installed properly on a home’s exterior, warping and buckling will often result. Although vinyl siding has the appearance of wood siding, it is very different and has significantly different installation requirements. Whereas wood boards must be nailed tightly to exterior walls, vinyl siding has a different design. Instead, it must be hung from fasteners to enable expansion and contraction with temperature variations.

If the installer attaches vinyl siding boards to a house tightly with nails, preventing the pieces from moving, the result will be warping and buckling.

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